Why to come Amundi-acba ?

Amundi-ACBA manages three cumulative pension funds in the scope of Armenian legislation, benefiting from the Amundi advanced know-how, expertise and technical support on fund management activities. 

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Stay tuned and discover your Fund

We are managing Balanced, Conservative and Fixed Income Funds created under the mandatory pension fund system. 

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Our expertise, our mission vision

Participants interest is foremost in everything we do; Acting fairly and in the best interest of participants, with due skill, care and diligence...

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Our corporate social responsibility

We firmly believe that an asset manager's responsibility extends beyond the purely financial aspect and is eager to be a driver of environmental progress and change. 

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Our three funds


With a pension fund calculator, you will have the possibility to calculate the amount of pension fund you will get after the age of 63 with adjusted inflation. You will see your savings, the contributions made by the state in your favor, as well as the profits from those contributions.

Attention, the calculations made with this calculator are approximate, based on the information you fill in.

Final salary before reaching the retirement age
124.032.000 ֏
Balance in the pension fund account (63 age)
111.978.000 ֏
Pension present value with adjusted inflation
432.000 ֏
1.750.000 ֏
Updated 28.03.2022 | 15:38