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Amundi-Acba will donate 100 million drams to the education

Amundi-Acba Asset Management revised a new Memorandum of Understanding together with the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

Highly appreciating the role of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in the education system of Armenia in introducing a culture in line with modern challenges, as well as the willingness to accompany the youth of the country in building the future, Amundi-Acba Asset Management revised a new Memorandum of Understanding together with the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. Thus, within the framework of the company's social responsibility and this partnership, Amundi-Acba will provide 100 million AMD from its profits for five years to TUMO to implement various projects.

 "Besides managing pension funds, Amundi-Acba also has Corporate Social Responsibility. Our long-term support to the TUMO Creative Technologies Center in Armenia shows our commitment to the development of the country. In order to have a long-term result in the context of sustainable development, it is necessary to ensure a high level of education,"- said Jean Mazedjian, CEO of Amundi-Acba Asset Management.

"TUMO is thrilled about the partnership with Amundi-Acba, which we consider extremely exciting and valuable for us. It simultaneously addresses several areas that we’ve been working on: our expansion in the regions through the construction of TUMO boxes, ensuring that the educational process at TUMO is always diverse through special workshops, and making sure students have the opportunity to have an enriching experience," noted TUMO CEO Marie Lou Papazian.

 The cooperation between Amundi-Acba and TUMO started back in 2019. Within the framework of the four-year partnership of Amundi-Acba and TUMO, among many projects, successfully implemented a number of projects funded by Amundi-Acba: namely, with the joint efforts of TUMO, Amundi-Acba and Central Bank of Armenia, the first TUMO box was opened in the city of Berd, in the region of Tavush. As a result, the box provides an opportunity to provide education in the fields of technology and design to around 320 young people weekly.

 Six workshops were held at TUMO Studios, as a result of which 48 young people acquired new skills in the field of craftsmanship, which will provide them with work.

 Four TUMO Studios students got the opportunity to pursue their studies at the Ecole Duperre School in Paris, one of the most prestigious design schools in the world. They will return to Armenia to put their new knowledge and acquired skills into practice, creating new ecosystems with the best international standards in this sector, thus contributing to the development of the economy and the creation of new jobs.

Updated 02.05.2023 | 12:45