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Pension funds

Pension funds’ investments and performance

1st Quarter, 2022

The net assets under management of Balanced (AMBAL), Conservative (AMCON) and Fixed Income (AMFIX) funds amounted around 261 billion AMD as of March 31, 2022, the AUM growth in Q1 2022 was 12 billion AMD. 

The funds invested in different asset classes, such as local government and corporate bonds, foreign bond and equity ETFs and mutual funds, bank deposits, etc. 

Since inception annualized performance was in the range of 7.6%-8.5%. In Q1, 2022 fund’s performances were negative, due to the decrease of RA government and foreign bonds prices, which was due to the high level of inflation as in Armenia as well as in global economies, also it is driven by a significant uncertainty.

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Updated 24.10.2022 | 11:23